Snowshoeing in the Park of the Madonie

DIFFICULTIES (min 1 - max 3)

An excursion with the snowshoes (snowshoeing) is a unique experience, reminding those who to a distant past, when the snowshoes were for the mountain people the only way to move in winter, when snowfalls were abundant.

Walk with snowshoes on an immaculate blanket of snowenjoy the the silence of the woodsdiscover the tracks left by the animals that move in search of food is a way to experience the mountains other than that the soul of the skier on the ski slopes; it is a unique way to explore in safety all the beauty of the snow-covered nature of the charming mountains of the Madonie Park.ciaspolata nel Parco delle Madonie - Discovery Madonie

The snowshoes, or snowshoes, are a tool that allows you to walk easily on the snow. By distributing the weight over a greater surface trodden down, the pressure decreases, then it “floats” much better, without sinking down into it. Walk with the snowshoes it is simple, and after a few minutes you can familiarize yourself with these tools.

Fun and relaxation combine in an irresistible charm. Snowshoeing it is a different and fun way to explore the mountain, ciaspolata nel Parco delle Madonie - Discovery Madonie choosing routes each time different, where adults and children can share the thrill of a pleasant experience, and sustainable.

We propose in collaboration with the Madonie park, Outdoor different routes, including snowshoeing under the stars with the use of lights on the front panel.

The routes chosen are accessible to all, but may change in function of weather conditions and snow.

And’ possible to rent the equipment, partial or complete.

In view of forecast of heavy snowfall in the first week-end of 2017 on the Madonie, starting from Friday, January 6, ciaspolata nel Parco delle Madonie - Discovery Madonie organizes Sunday 8 the first snowshoeing of the year in the Park of the Madonie.

The route will be accessible to all and decided between Saturday or Sunday morning depending on weather conditions and road conditions to Plan the Battle to be able to allow everyone to participate.

On request, however, can be arranged snowshoeing all day in the daylight hours in the company of the guides aigae with a minimum of 6 participants.


Share: €20,00 per person

The fee includes: environmental hiking guide (aigae), insurance, assistance services, snowshoes and poles

Necessary equipment: hiking boots to ankle high and waterproof clothing suitable for the season, windproof jacket/rain protection, gaiters, backpack, water or a hot drink, low-calorie food, warm headdress, suitable gloves, snow Chains or winter tires for motorists

Recommended equipment: camera, sticks for those who is usually use them, waterproof trousers.

Activities for all, even for those not particularly trained. Children minimum 12 years old, accustomed to the cold climate of the mountain.

The program may change and/or cancellation at the discretion of the guide, in the event of adverse weather or snow conditions are not optimal.

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