The river of chicken Manure and the Gorges of Tiberio

Fiume pollina e gole di tiberio - Discovery Madonie
DIFFICULTIES (min 1 - max 3)

The Gorges of Tiberio are one of the hidden corners and the most beautiful Park of the Madonie mountains, nestled in the bottom of a valley rich in woods and vegetation.

Fiume pollina e gole di tiberio - Discovery MadonieAlso called ' the U’ Miricu” because of a legend related to the ability of this point to swallow everything that is in the bed of the river and carry it to the sea. The Gorges are the result of the millenary work of the River Pollina, who has dug in the limestone a spectacular canyon.

The bed of the River is dotted with Oleanders and reeds and is dominated by the presence of blocks of limestone, whitish seem to have denied the possibility to the man to put down roots in this territori0.

Between the lush vegetation, it is not uncommon to find small beaches and spot rare species of amphibians and some crab freshwater. In the area nests of the golden Eagle and with a bit of luck and can admire it.

The hike begins in the valley of the village of Tiberius, and comes after five kilometres about the area of public use Tiberius.

The route passes through an area of high biodiversity within the Madonie national Park: olive groves, citrus orchards and frassineti by manna embrace.
There are many natural emergencies that you meet along the path from the Small Gorges to the Gorges of Tiberius, a website, a Geopark, with the support of Unesco, from the numerous rocky areas, and inaccessible along the path to quick and small lakes along the river.

The path to provide, besides the trekking, even the chance to swim in some areas of the river and the crossing of the Gorges in a rubber dinghy.

This itinerary is recommended for those who have a good physical preparation and a great spirit of adaptation.

What to bring:
trekking poles

shoes by rock



costume and hat

It is recommended that you bring a change for the end of the excursion.


The excursion will start with a minimum of 8 people.

How to get there.

For those arriving from Palermo or Messina:

output 20 Castelbuono (Pa) or Tusa (Me), follow the direction for Finale di Pollina, in both cases;
after the village ( coming from the Castelbuono), or before the village (coming from Tusa) onto the SP 52 to San Mauro Castelverde (Pa), 8 km (fork Borrello), turn right and continue on the SP 60 for 1.5 km until the junction Tiberius, here to the right and take the narrow road (first paved and then dirt road) for about 1 km until the start of the trail (identifiable by the presence of a panel of the Park of the Madonie) along a stairway of approximately 400 steps leading directly to the Gorges.

2 responses to “the River of chicken Manure and Gorges of Tiberius”

  1. Giulio he said:

    Good is possible to navigate your own kayak?

    • discoverymadonie he said:

      Hi, in this period along the river there is no water level (at the ankle), therefore, is crossable with the kayak only in the Gorges of tiberius, where the water comes up to 8mt of depth, but the length of waterway is only 350mt. Sincerely, Cetty

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