Between the sea and the mountain we choose...the bicycle!


There are plenty of reasons to choose to spend the holidays in high-altitude or to the sea.
Those who prefer to avoid the chaos and the locations are excessively tourist prefer definitely the mountains or the countryside.
And in this regard we read an interesting article.

There are those who prefer holidays a little more fashionable, the boulevards, the shops, the evenings with some music and lie under the sun for hours and hours. And solutions for this type of holiday is full of the web!

We Discovery Madonie we recommend choosing an alternative: the bike.

What does that mean? The Madonie mountains are, without doubt, the ideal solution for those who do not want to give up either to the sea or to the mountain and, at the same time, wants to opt for a the eco-friendly alternative.

The communes of the Madonie Park (one of the most interesting and varied in the world, both from the point of view of nature and cultural) are distributed in a balanced manner between the areas of sea and mountain, alternating canyon, meadows, gorges, caves and chi più ne ha più ne metta.

Here is that the bike becomes the ideal way to turn between the towns, go down to the coast for a quick dip and to trace the paths the most exciting.

Just think of the territories of Pollina, Cefalùor even , Castelbuono.
Sure, every so often you have to stop, spending the night in a farmhouse or in a comfortable B&b, after having eaten a dinner of restoration, based typical products.

You can choose different itineraries, according to their own wishes and needs: more naturemore culture and food and winemore the sea or mountain.

But what are the other good reasons (valid!) to choose a cycling holiday?

We say at least 5!

1) The price. If we turn to agencies experienced in the industry, you can plan your trip by renting a bicycle is light and convenient, or get help for the transport of their own. This allows to bring down the normal cost of a holiday without renouncing to visit interesting places.

2) get Away from the stress. Whether you're travelling alone or in company, the bicycle is the right way to regain possession of his own pace, relax and enjoy the scenery without thinking about parking or traffic.

Vacanze in Bicicletta - Discovery Madonie

3) physical well-being. A cycling holiday is a healthy holiday, it helps the physical movement, stimulates the blood circulation and reactivate the body.

4) Freedom and autonomy. No time constraint if not to stop where you want and reach the goals you want at any time of the day.

5) Being in contact with nature. Any means, as the bike allows you to experience the full environment: advancing in a path from the living vegetation, discover a tree-lined avenue, go down to a little cove, hidden away to the bathroom.

Vacanze ecologiche - Discovery Madonie

The bike, remember, is a means of eco-friendly and allows holiday makers, without damaging the environment.

Important, and we at Discovery Madonie I recommend, is to choose the paths most appropriate to their physical preparation, to our travel companions, and time available.
Even if it is true that at the edge of a bike by the hour and the minutes don't count any more.

To learn more about the cycling holidays, take a look here.

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