A series of products that can be useful to travel with your children:

Camping cot

Travel cot Cam, red color, with a convenient pocket portaoggettthe practice travel bag. The small size and the closure package make this cot a one of a kind and in its functionality.

Price from 1 to 3 days: 10,00€ per day

Price 4 to 7 days: 8,00 € per day

Backpack Portabimbo Trekking Ferrino

Door baby is full and comfortable. Suitable for children who can sit by themselves (more or less starting from 6 months). The maximum load (child and luggage) is 20 kg.
– The back SEA. Padded and quilted back in breathable mesh fabric.
– Shoulder straps and waist belt are padded and quilted in breathable mesh fabric.
– Height adjustment of the seat of the child.
– Shoulder straps cross-height adjustable for a comfortable and more secure locking of the baby and a better stability. Adjusting upper shoulder straps. .
– Safety knob to prevent accidental closure of the session.
– Pockets: Pockets on the band to life, Large back pocket, Pockets to the side at the net and Two back pockets.
– Weight: 2.7 Kg
Accessories: Hood rain cover

Price from 1 to 3 days: 7,00€ per day

Price 4 to 7 days: 6,00 € per day

Baby Carrier Carries Baby Chicco

The baby carrier that accompanies the growth of the child:

3 positions horizontal to infants, in front of the mother for the first few months and facing the road from 6 months onwards; double support padded for the back of the parent; superior protection for the baby's head removable; multiple adjustments to ensure maximum comfort; padding in the soft mesh breathable

Price from 1 to 3 days: 5,00€ per day

Price 4 to 7 days: 4,00 € per day

Seat Bike

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: – max weight: 22 kg (48,5 lbs) – lightweight, durable, non-toxic plastic easily washable – soft pillow washable – ventilation holes on shoulders and back – fibbione yet extremely convenient for the parents, engages and unlatches with one hand – continuously variable adjustment of the height – safety belts-adjustable length – wide and comfortable seat – high sides for better containment of the child – a broad protections to prevent the foot from touching the spokes of the wheels.

Price from 1 to 3 days: 4,00€ per day

Price 4 to 7 days: 3,00 € per day

Chicco Stroller

Agile and lightweight (weighs only 7kg). teach to drive, thanks to individual wheels at the front. The seat is wide and spacious, and the stiff backrest is reclined with one hand up to the horizontal position. Thanks to the folding umbrella is very compact when closed. Can be used from birth up to 15 kg of baby's weight.

Price from 1 to 3 days: 8,00€ per day

Price 4 to 7 days: 6,00 € per day

Booster Seat

Rising from the chair with the tablet removable, super compact and lightweight, ideal for travel and for meals outside the home. It can be fixed directly on the seat with universal fixing, suitable for any chair thanks to the set adjustable straps and can be used on any table. Height adjustment 7 positions from 5 to 20 cm. 5-point harness adjustable in order to avoid the risk of falling of the child.

Price from 1 to 3 days: 5,00€ per day

Price 4 to 7 days: 4,00 € per day

Bottle warmer Travel

Heats milk and porridge in a few minutes even on the go thanks to the jack. Two specific programs for the bottles and jars, depending on what it takes to warm up. Keeps the milk and the baby food warm up to 1 hour. Includes a convenient support to facilitate the gripping of the bottles and jars and reduce the risk of sunburn. Auto power off safe after 1 hour.

Price from 1 to 3 days: 4,00€ per day

Price 4 to 7 days: 3,00 € per day

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