Riding along the four parks

In sella lungo quattro parchi - Discovery Madonie
DIFFICULTIES (min 1 - max 3)

The two “experiences” that follow will allow you to discover, riding a splendid horse, the four wonderful parks sicilian: Madonie, Nebrodi, Alcantara, Etna.

In sella lungo quattro parchi - Discovery Madonie

But it will not be only the nature to capture you: authentic flavors and traditional dishes revisited and refined will be waiting for you all night, in the structures that we have chosen for you.

The two paths are equal in the first five days, each one different to the last one: one will take you to the high altitudes of theEtnathe other will take you on the Ionian coast, in the vicinity of Taormina.

We will guide you liungo all the way, you only have to admire, ride, and photograph.



Day 1: Geraci.
Assignment of the horses and departure, around 9:00, from the Seal Place The Marquis. Will be the territory Castelbuonese the first protagonist of our journey.
We will cross a dense forest of cork that extends up to Geraci.

The Territory of Geraci has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the historical findings. Its territory prosperous, and interesting also from the point of view of history, is famous for its Water.

Our trip continues in between the woods and the streets almost untouched, until you get to a beautiful place nestled in the countryside: theAgriturismo Casalvecchio Geraci. Here you will enjoy the genuine products of the company and will rest for the night.

In sella lungo quattro parchi - Discovery Madonie

Day 2: Cerami.
Our day will begin along a great dirt road dating back to the bourbon age: this important communication route was used for travel, and the transhumance of cattle.
The road, at almost 1000 m of height, we will discover an extraordinary landscape, characterized by towering wind turbines.
Malpassetto, the territory of the border between the provinces of Palermo, Enna and Messina, will bring us up to the reserve of Sambughetti-Campanito, where we will stop for a sort vacation.
From there we will reach the territories of Nicosia and Cerami, and, crossing a forest of cork trees, you will reach the Agriturismo “La Sugherita” where we will be able to appreciate an ancient dwelling troglodyte.

Dinner and stop for the night.

Day 3: San Fratello

The third stage will take you in the heart of the Nebrodi: a territory rich in nature, culture, gastronomy, and traditions.
We will drive along the famous ridge to admire the woods and pastures that overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea and offer a privileged view of the Aeolian Islands.
Look towards the south will bring us up to the most deep inland siculo to see almost all the sicilian provinces.
We will not be able not stepping up to the woods San Fratello to admire the extraordinary horses “Sanfratelliani”.

This breed of horses is known for their head stout. Many copies are still living in the wild.

During the lunch we rinfrescheremo to the source “Nocita”. The hut in the Park will welcome us for the night and will delight us with a traditional dinner with the products of the Nebrodi.

Day 4: Randazzo

Stage exciting and scenically extraordinary: lakes, forests, mountains and breathtaking views.
In our path we will encounter from the outset the Laug Maulazzooverlooked by the highest peak of the Nebrodi: Monte Soro of 1847 m. And still, the lake Biviere di Cesarò, a place of rest of the animals migrants.
Our walk will continue through the woods that we reveal panoramic views of the Aeolian islands and mount Etna.
We come up to the Mount glue for the dinner and the night.

Monte Colla is not only an ancient aristocratic residence dating mail to 1400m from the sea, but it is also in the hotel, isolated in Sicily.

Day 5: Castiglione

The descent of the Nebrodi mountains will take us to the Town of Randazzo. We will discover its territory and its historical center.

Randazzo is a Medieval town, but its historical center and its urban architecture are the qualities of exhibits that tell of the passage of greeks, byzantines, romans, jews, arabs and normans.

We will reach the province of Catania, and in particular, Castiglione di Sicilia, along the gaps of the river Alcantara.

For the evening we find a characteristic farm under the slopes of the Etna: “To the Old TorchioDel the house”.

Day 6: Etna North

On the last day imprints in your mind images and stunning colors. The territory of the Etna Park is one of the most beautiful and picturesque in the world: most of the vineyards that cling to the slopes, olive, almond, fish and the characteristic stone walls in lava stone. Here the eyes and the heart will fill with beauty.

And yet, between the castings, woods Pine, oak, brownin alternating volcanic caves. Together we will discover the craters of the great eruption of 2002, when the eyes of all the world admired the sparkling acrobatics lava of the volcano.

The last day also presents the alternative: the discovery of one of the most beautiful towns of Sicily, Taormina.

Taormina, beloved around the world and known for its historic character (particularly to the Greek Theatre, the venue of the festival international) is a small jewel that you will appreciate.

The last night, once again, guests of “Al Vecchio Torchio del Casale”, to enjoy a lavish dinner to bring in the heart.

The excursion includes:

  • All meals (from dinner on the day of arrival to breakfast on departure day)
  • All nights in quality accommodations
  • The hire of the horse, with the saddle English or western choice
  • Experienced guides and connoisseurs of the territory crossed.
  • Insurance.

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