Hiking to the Gorges of Tiberio

DIFFICULTIES (min 1 - max 3)

The Gorges of Tiberio are one of the hidden corners and the most beautiful Park of the Madonie mountains, nestled in the bottom of a valley rich in woods and vegetation.

Trelkking alle Gole di Tiberio - Discovery Madonie


Also called ' the U’ Miricu” because of a legend related to the ability of this point to swallow everything that is in the bed of the river and carry it to the sea. The Gorges are the result of the millenary work of the River Pollina, who has dug in the limestone a spectacular canyon.

The bed of the River is dotted with Oleanders and reeds and is dominated by the presence of blocks of limestone, whitish seem to have denied the possibility to the man to put down roots in this territori0.

Between the lush vegetation, it is not uncommon to find small beaches and spot rare species of amphibians and some crab freshwater. In the area nests of the golden Eagle and with a bit of luck and can admire it.



Information about the excursion:

Driving along in the car for a long stretch on the bed of the Stream of Castelbuono (on the right), the waggon moves down slightly, in a pleasant hilly environment continues to be dominated by theories of peaks and woods. Circumvented from the south, slightly uphill, the slopes of Cozzo Pipiddate (557 m s.l.m.), you reach the Houses Marcatagliastro (284 m s.l.m.), an interesting complex agro-pastoral composed by two bodies of factory-built and a spacious courtyard, which is accessed through two arches which unite to opposite ends of the two buildings.
I left the car and headed down the trail of beaten earth that opens to the right of the entrance of the masseria, it descends through the olive grove, and then a citrus grove, to the River Pollina.
Then, bending to the left, if it follows the shore until you reach, after a little less than a kilometer, the beautiful Gorges of the River Pollina (70 m s.l.m. about).
Here begins the traverse to the heart of the Gorges in a rubber Dinghy, and then continue to walk along the river up to the small Gorges where you will have the opportunity to take a nice bath and relax on the rocky ridge of calcareous nature.



...and if you are in a group:

The cost of the excursion with guide: € 80,00.
The excursion will start with at least two people.
The price will not change if attend will be more than two people.
The total cost will be divided for all participants.
Crossing the Gorges €13,00 adults € 7,00 children from 4 to 10 years old Free from 0 to 4 years


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