Guided tour to Castelbuono

DIFFICULTIES (min 1 - max 3)

castelbuono - Discovery MadonieA few kilometers from the sea, Castelbuono it is developed at the foot of the Madonie in a pleasant valley inhabited already in the neolithic age, and rich in memories of the Greek, roman, arab and byzantine. The country owes its origins to the Ventimiglia, the Lords of the County of Geraci, who, in the early 1300, decided to build a castle on the hill dominating the ancient farmhouse of “Ypsigro”, from here took the name “Castrum Bonum”.

Castelbuono keeps intact its rural aspect, and its elevation makes it nice for a cool holiday or even a daily visit. The centre of the village, winds through narrow, cobbled streets and stone-paved charm.

Castelbuono-Cappella Palatina - Discovery MadonieIf you say Castelbuono, the first thing that comes to mind is his the imposing castle, which dominates the homonymous square and that in fact opens the road to the delightful old town. And from here starts our Tour with a dip in the medieval past and in the history of Castelbuono indeed, as it is documented inside one of the halls of the Museum now housed inside the Castle.But the emotions the most beautiful and indescribable in words are those that you try entering in the Palatine Chapel, with its wonderful stucco work of Serpotta, who has the Sacred Relic (skull) of our Patroness St. Anne. The relic, which as most know is possible to see it during the solemn opening of the showcase on the 26th of July, following the Parade of Ventimiglia, which allows you through the “seven keys” to open the locks that protect the relic of the Holy mother of Madonna!
Our little trip back in time continues on to the Clock tower at the Former the Bank of the Court, which housed among other things the cells of the Old Prison, in which you can admire the ancient gears that still today, began with the tolling of the bells, the passing of time. The same chimes that at one time they informed the citizens Castelbuonesi on the moments of their everyday life.
Affreschi della cripta - Discovery MadonieThe next stop is the ancient Church of Maria S. S. Assunta, or the Old Matrix. With its impressive Polyptych by Antonello De Saliba, and the crypt with the beautiful wall paintings.
From the Sacred to move to the profane or better in science, by travelling at the Museo Naturalistico Francesco Minà Palumbo one of the most beautiful and complete, recognized at the international level. The museum, which contains the studies of the carthusians in the field of biology, botany, archaeology, zoology, and entomology!
Our little trip, continue within the Matrix New built following the increase of the population that is home to the beautiful crucifix of the accident, and internally decorated with stucco and frescoes from the nineteenth century. The Mausoleum of the aristocratic family of the Ventimiglia it is located in another of the churches of Castelbuono, dedicated to san Francesco, dating back to the middle Ages. Inside you can admire, in addition to a beautiful cloister, also a fine organ of the venetian school, and the sarcophagus of a member of the family of the baroque style. our journey ends in the historic centre to see the fountain of Venus Ciprea in the past marking the entry to the byzantine village. The name comes from the individuals carved and depicting Venus and Cupid, with reliefs of Diana to the bathroom, and a statue of Andromeda at the top.

The the tour will be accompanied by our guide and along the way you will have the possibility to taste the delicacies that are produced in our region, from cheeses, to meats, to homemade jams, to the panettone of Fiasconaro but, above all, can not miss the sweetness of the Manna the sap extracted from the bark of the Ash tree, and produced only in the areas of Castelbuono and Pollina.

The tour has a duration of approximately 3 hours and the guide fee of €70,00 will be divided to the whole group.

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