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Three Color Overshoe Disc Injection Machine (TPR PVC)

Product description
工位数Work station24
锁模力clamping Force600Kn
推荐模具尺寸Recommended mould Size(l*w*h)(500*300*250)mm
螺杆直径Screw DiameterФ75mm/Ф60mm
最大射程Max. Injection Range180mm
射出压力Injection Pressure66Mpa
螺杆转速Screw Diameter Speed00-200r.p.m
温控段数No.of Temeprature Control Zone4
风机功率Power of Air Blower5KW
电热功率Power of The Electric Heaters3*7
电机功率Power of The Motor2*18.5KW
油箱容量Capacity of The Oil Tank2*800L
机器重量Machine Weight12tons
机器尺寸Machine Size(7.5*5.8*2.2)m
产量Machine  Production Capacity180pairs/h